Credit-Challenged Auto Financing Solutions

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Credit-Challenged Auto Financing Solutions at Auto 95 Expo in Cocoa, FL

If you’re worried that having bad credit will affect your chance for auto loan approval, Auto 95 Expo Finance Department in Cocoa, FL ‐ near Viera, Rockledge and Merritt Island ‐ is here to help! No matter how well your budget works, sometimes life gets in the way and throws the numbers off, but we believe you still deserve affordable, reliable transportation.

When major life turns like natural disasters, job loss, and medical emergencies happen, sometimes the only way out is to miss payments or pay with credit cards. Unfortunately, things can escalate and you might find yourself defaulting on loans, having property repossessed, or even declaring bankruptcy.

The Auto 95 Expo Finance Department understands that you need transportation to work a job that would help you earn the money to get yourself out of financial straits. Therefore, we don’t want to make things more difficult by denying you auto financing or charging insanely high auto loan rates. Doing so only makes that goal unobtainable.

Whether you’ve experienced low credit scores from bankruptcy, divorce, slow payments, or foreclosure, the Auto 95 Expo Finance Department is here to help. Because we have relationships with many lenders, our finance team can work with you to find the auto loan rate that works for your situation and won’t result in payments that stretch your budget too thin or buying a vehicle that’s inferior for your needs. Our finance process is quick, painless, and most importantly, private.

Get things started right now by filling out our online application! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your financing.

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